Transfers from the airport to the PANORAMA Guesthouse & Restaurant can be organized on request. We ask for the complete flight data. The transfer can be paid at the end together with the bill for the rooms with us.

We have a reliable driver. Safaga is easily accessible from the new airport in Hurghada. The journey takes about 35-45 minutes. We can also organize other transfers.

For the valuables, passport etc. there is a safe available in the guesthouse.

We ask for cash payment. It can be paid in the currencies Euro or Egyptian Pound (LE).

It is the custom to give 5-10% tip „Bakschisch“, gladly more – you should simply make it dependent on your own money bag. It is at the same time a sign, that one was satisfied with the service and will assist in making things go faster and more uncomplicated.

Change money easily. Either at a ATM in the nearby
Lotus Bay hotel or in the bank (except Fridays – here it is Sunday).

The current voltage here is 220V at 50Hz and therefore is not necessary for Euro plug adapter.

The experiences of our guests during their stay with us are very personal. Some of them are also reported in writing or posted to Facebook and These opinions and videos tell us more about us than any promotional text. Some of these posts, e-mails or videos we may publish to your information (… to the guest evaluations). We are very glad about your message by email or gladly also on a review on the platform Taucher.NET. Alternatively, please use our contact form.


Panorama Guesthouse has a well-equipped medical cabinet with dressing materials and all the necessary medication, so that minor complaints can be provided. In the surrounding hotels, doctors are also available 24 hours a day, and the modern hospitals in Hurghada are quickly accessible.

Our address is: Kilotamania, Red Sea, EGYPT Safaga, Egypt – here you can understand the location on an interactive map location

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